I’m so bad at being friends with girls bc I don’t know what to talk about with them and it’s so much easier to talk to guys bc i don’t feel like I’m being judged by every phrase i say and that’s kind of cool ya know but I also wish I had maybe like one or two more girl friends bc talking to guys about guys isn’t that much fun lmao
unless it’s Brian but it’s still not the same


Tigers Jaw by Kesler Bear on Flickr.

Probably my favourite shirt atm

Oh you know just chillen

Balance And Composure
21st of June 2014 at Ellen Melville Hall
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I’m tired but at least today didn’t suck too much and one of the delivery drivers at my job was kinda cute bc he was filling in for someone else and he kinda made the day bearable ya


I need to stop making suicide a reaction to everything bad that happens in my life

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