Old Gray // Her Tongue Was Tattooed on the Back of Her Teeth [x]

sooo my friend said he was gonna hang out with this girl today from his old job but then I was like oo date and stuff and he was like nah I only see her as a good friend but when he said he was gonna go out with someone I felt slightly jealous bc he said it was a girl BUT I NEVER GET THAT FEELING WHEN HE SAYS HES GONNA HANG OUT WITH A GIRL and then when he said she was only a friend I felt kind of relieved BUT THIS IS NOT OKAY BC IM SO confused as to what it is THAt im feeling u no??? like do I like him??? or do I just like the feeling of being held and tender touches and stuff only???!


Got me scratching at your back door, won’t you let me in?

Funny You Should Ask - The Front Bottoms (x)
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the conflicting feeling between what you feel and what you want is the worst


It’s a cruel world, but it’s cool.
Tigers Jaw

Modern Baseball- Your Graduation (x)
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